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What Is the Lactose Breath Test?

If you have discomfort or stomach distress after drinking a glass of milk or enjoying a bowl of ice cream, you may have lactose intolerance, a condition that makes it hard to digest dairy products.

With a lactose breath test from Dr. Myron D. Goldberg in New York, you can determine if lactose intolerance or bacterial growth is the cause of your stomach woes, and develop a treatment plan that leaves you free from cramping, bloating, or diarrhea.

What does a lactose breath test evaluate?

A lactose breath test is used to distinguish between lactose intolerance, which is caused when the body struggles to digest the natural sugars which occur in milk, and abnormal intestinal bacteria growth. Because the symptoms of both are similar -- cramping, abdominal pain, gas, loose stools -- a lactose breath test is needed to give you a succinct diagnosis.

How is a lactose breath test performed?

At our New York office, your provider will have you inflate a balloon-like bag with your breath. Once the breath sample has been collected, you will be asked to consume either a glucose sugar enhanced beverage or one with lactose. Breath samples will then be continuously taken every 15 to 20 minutes for up to three hours to see if there is an increase in the hydrogen levels.

If your hydrogen levels have risen, the cause of your stomach discomfort can be attributed to digestive problems. Your provider at our New York office will help you outline the best course of action for either your lactose intolerance or bacterial issue.

What are some of the treatment options for lactose intolerance?

If your lactose breath test indicates intolerance, you may need to either remove dairy products from your diet completely or consume them in small portions. Pairing a lactase supplement with your meal can also help alleviate the side effects of eating yogurt, milk, or cottage cheese.

Call our New York office at 212-583-2900 to learn more about the lactose breath test.

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